At INTERFACEVC we approach projects from bigger picture perspective, considering strategy and brand integration as key components of our process. We deliver turnkey solutions when working with our clients, committed to delivering excellence. The three pillars of our brand are Design, Fabrication, Digital.


Our global client base trusts our design team to conceptualize and create exceptional exhibits that inspire and promote their brand image and identity. We take a 360 degree collaborative approach to every project through a solutions meeting held between all teams and the client. All project requirements are addressed at the design stage, ensuring accuracy in cost estimates, time schedules, and resources needed for problem-free execution.


Our quality craftsmanship is emphasized by the use of industry leading machinery and hardware at both Toronto, and Las Vegas fabrication houses. By working with the best equipment we ensure quality fabrication techniques are followed throughout the build process. Our craftsmen have a keen eye for detail and take pride in their work, having adopted a rigorous quality assurance system that ensures the end result looks & feels world class.


Bringing a client’s vision to life via physical environments forms one side of the brand equation. We understand and embrace digital brand & marketing production and strategy, assisting our clients further as part of our end-to-end solutions. Promoting your market presence and improving our client’s product placement is a key focus in designing the brand experience.

  • Design Conceptualization.
    Your visions are the inspiration we use to build innovation, collaboratively defining goals to agree on a design process. Together – Building ideas. Building brands..

  • Sketching and illustration
    Visualizing your brand, digital 3D rendering and freehand graphical representations are customized as requested, ensuring event, exhibit, and environment designs meet expectations.

  • Custom value engineering
    Ideas are delivered with cost efficiency and sustainability in mind, appraising budgets and determining specifications so as to avoid discrepancies post-project delivery.

  • Contextual design
    Budget conscious cultural context, stylistics, fabrication materials, methodologies, and timeframes define the design techniques and visual brand interpretations ideated by our design team.

  • Story telling experiences / parallel support marketing
    Defining user experience design to share information, interactive storytelling strategies help increase consumer focused brand interactions by communicating ideas, purpose, innovation, and sharing.

  • Exhibit /architectural fabrication
    Any material, any size, any shape. equipped with tools including internationally networked CNC machines, we fabricate custom solutions for architects, designers, contractors, and event marketers across the globe.

  • Engineering services
    We provide structural integrity to our builds and design framing components to ensure public safety, product longevity at the same time that an easy flawless execution.

  • Large-scale graphic production
    Skinning brands. Our in-house printing facilities and partners deliver a wide array of large scale graphics, from posters and stretched fabric hanging banner structures, to full wall graphic wraps and decal vinyl cut-outs.

  • installation & dismantle services
    From on-site supervision of local labor, to turnkey solutions using our own qualified installation teams, we ensure activation deadlines are met.

  • Contractor labor management
    Experienced contractor partnerships across regulated US and global venues allow us to manage project installations using the best construction management processes.

  • Global fulfillment network
    Since 2006 we have built one of the most comprehensive fulfillment networks in the industry through the development of key partnerships throughout North America, Europe, and Asia.

  • Warehousing services
    Brand properties are spatially optimized and carefully stored at our warehouse facilities. To minimize freight and packing costs across land, sea, and air, projects are engineered to be packed at practical sizes.