• We engage brand communication through creative and inspiring story telling to audiences, and then delivering results!

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About Us


INTERFACEVC was founded on the basic principles of providing our clients with highly creative and flexible alternatives to the larger, corporate, exhibit house structure. With an absolute focus on embracing and executing a specific vision instead of simply adding “trophy” brands to the portfolio and keeping the accountants pleased – we take a very different approach.

Before we begin to think about an actual design, we work hand-in-hand with our clients to understand their organization, target audience and communication goals. As part of this exploration process, we often uncover a broader challenge, a new audience or a stronger core message. By helping clients evaluate the origins of and aspirations for a project, we ensure we’re designing the right solution, not simply an attractive solution.

Creativity is everything. Today the challenge is no longer about creating awareness; we use creativity to empower people to built an emotional relationship with brands. Through creativity, we create content that is interesting, interactive,useful and, all above entertaining.Creativity can’t be defined. But can be redesign.

IntefaceVC creates small- and large-scale visitor experiences. Although we’re often referred to as exhibit designers, InterfaceVC combines the best of all media — print, interactive, digital and physical — to produce innovative design solutions. Whether it’s a trade show environment or retail Brand environment, our designs allow visitors to see the world from a unique and often unexpected perspective.


We are problem solvers – the kind of team who says yes to almost any request, ensuring that you’ve got what you need to meet with success. We spend a great deal of time making sure we’re in tune with our customers’ wants and needs. We support you throughout the entire process.

Exhibit and event Design
Brand environments
Experiential Design
Strategy + Consulting
Integrated Marketing
Performance Products
Strategic Design
Digital Content

• Design and Development Coordination
• Agency Liaison (as required)
• Information Technology
• Fabrication
• Shipping
• Installation & Dismantle (I&D)
• Repair & Refurbishment
• Warehousing & Inventory Control
• Rental Inventory Management
• Show Service Coordination & Paperwork

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IntefaceVC designs help clients increase revenue, deepen community inroads and improve brand recognition.





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We engage brand communication through creative and inspiring story telling to audiences, then delivering results!

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